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Where rates are headed as of
Mortgage interest rates cycled up
and down over the last few months
with current rates effectively at
where we were in early January. The
factors impacting the interest rate
volatility are many including oil
prices, economic weakness along
with central bank "easing policies"
in Europe and Asia, the signals sent
by the Federal Reserve, and the
United States' economic roller
coaster ride. Recent economic news
in the United States has been mixed
which when combined with the
weaker broader economic picture
has allowed the Federal Reserve to
take a less hawkish in its statements
have led to more favorable recent
rate market trends.  Interest rates,
however, are still roughly 100 basis
points off the interest rate lows
seen in mid and late January.  
Looking at Geopolitical happenings,
we have the situation in Greece
taking front stage.  The possible exit
of Greece from the Euro currency
has also helped keep rates low.
Another huge factor putting
lowering pressure on interest rates
is the spread between the German
and US treasuries.  The European
version of the Federal Reserve, the
ECB, recently rolled out a bond
buying program which has
contributed to making high quality
government bonds more scarce,
driving up demand, which has
helped push the German 10 year
bond to its current 0.189%.  The
comparable US 10 year  treasuries
are fully 172+ basis points higher
with this delta in yields helping keep
US rates low.

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